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Anna Accounting Services

I am an Experienced quickbooks accountant with 10+ years of experience for US . Previously worked with few HR companies and later on started my own business to capture small HR consulting companies with IT domain and also Healthcare companies

Accounts Receivable Management

In order to enable the generation of   internal funds for our clients, we undertake the entire task of effective accounts

Accounts Payable Management

Regarding our clients’ payment commitments, we meticulously keep track of the Payment cycle right

General Accounting

We offer the entire backend accounting process  with the following support Journal  reparation,  reparation of – ledgers

Training Process in Quick Books

Training for How to create a company, How to open a company, How to close and back up a company
Chart of Accounts
Training for What is Chart of Account, How to create an account, How to create sub-accounts
Training for What is Items, How to create an Item, How to create a sub-item, How to change or alter an item
Training for How to create a customer, Details which are necessary for customers, How to create a Job?
Training for how to create Vendors, Types of vendors, Utility vendors, Business Vendors,
How to Pay Bills, How to adjust a payment discount/credit to the vendor while making a payment.

Contact Us

+91 7812037140